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learn to scuba dive

Become a Scuba Diver with Ocean Adventures Dive Co. at your own pace!

Diving is a personal experience that changes lives. Come discover another world! Sign up for our Executive Platinum Training with Catalina Weekend and Gear Package: This is the option for those used to "Executive Platinum" treatment. Complete the pool sessions at your pool, the academics online anytime at your convenience. For the Ocean Dives, we arrive to Catalina (select departure time based on your schedule) and complete your 4-6 open water dives.

Read more how you can Learn to Dive in a Private Setting

All levels of scuba training: beginner to instructor padi classesOcean Adventures Dive Co. is Your full service diving facility offering basic SCUBA and specialty diving instruction from beginner to dive professional. We are proud to be the only DIR-friendly technical diving facility that equipped with Trimix blending station in the West Los Angeles Area.

All our active instructors completed DIR compliant entry level or above technical diving training. Ocean Adventures Dive Company has been servicing the Motion Picture IndustAll levels of scuba training: beginner to instructor padi classesry for many years, and is the leader for Under Water Lighting, Video and Photography in the Los Angeles area.

We carry most major brands at competitive prices, maintain a full rental department, offer service and repair and organize local boat charters as well as international adventure dive travel. *Ask about free scuba diving certification with total equipment purchase.

Become a Scuba Diver - PADI Open Water Course

learn to scuba dive

Learn to Scuba Dive - Open Water Diver Course

Learn how to become weightless as you glide through kelp forests and explore local marine life. Our knowledgeable and experienced instructors will guide you through the course materials and then take you into our heated pool to practice skills and have fun. Then hop on one of our friendly and comfortable dive boats to start your Ocean Adventures...Read more about how to Learn to Dive 

Not quite sure if you are ready to get certified? Try Discover Scuba Diving! In a pool or ocean environment you can try diving before you decide. Try Diving

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PADI eLearning Learn to Dive Anytime Anywhere

learn to scuba dive

Would Love to Dive in California Waters But find the Water too Cold?

California offers some of the most spectacular recreational diving in the world. Southern California is blessed with a chain of local islands known as the Channel Islands, which offer world-class kelp diving experience. The not-so-tropical water temperature should not stop you from diving our beautiful and unique corner of the Pacific Ocean!

Ocean Adventures offers rental dry suits
for training. Getting cold while diving does not have to be a necessary part of your adventures! Just replace your wetsuit with a dry suit! It is the ultimate way of diving in California, especially during the winter. Read more how you can Learn to Dive and Stay Warm

Scuba Tune Up: Refresher Course

Scuba Tune Up: Refresher Course

Brush Up Your Dive Skills & Knowledge

Has it been a while since you’ve been scuba diving?

Do you feel like your scuba skills and knowledge are a bit rusty? The Scuba Review Tune-up is just the refresher you need. more info

Advanced Open Water Diver Course

More Adventure: Advanced Diver Course

Becoming a certified diver is only the beginning of your scuba adventures. The advanced course will help you to become a better diver and build more confidence.

The Advanced Open Water course takes 5 specialty dives, classes are done over 2 days.

It gives you the opportunity to open up new areas of diving: Deep Diving, Wreck Diving, Underwater Navigation, diving with Enriched Air Nitrox, Photography, Videography, Night Diving, Fish Identification, fine tuning your buoyancy skills... read more here

Scuba Tune Up: Refresher Course

Discover California Diving

california scuba diving trips

Local Dive Trips

Los Angeles has way more to offer than Hollywood bars, the Venice Beach board-walk or Malibu clubs. Southern California has a climate that few places have in the world, making diving a year-around activity for enthusiasts. Although diving conditions are more challenging in California than in tropical waters, the reward of swimming trough giant kelp forests will compensate any diver for the cool water temperature. Most of our Channel Island excursions include 3-4 Dives... Read more about Local California Diving or See the Boat Trip Calendar for upcoming trips

Not ready to venture out alone? Learn here about Guided Dives

Discover Scuba Diving (Try Diving)

discover Scuba Diving

Breathe Underwater for the First Time

You always wanted to try it, but never had the time you were unsure about a full certification course? When you participate in a Discover Scuba Diving program with Ocean Adventures, you will discover excitement, adventure, freedom and serenity. Nothing compares to the "weightless" exhilaration of breathing underwater. Only a diver knows that feeling!. more info

Exotic Dive Destinations

Areuni Indonesia Scuba Trip

Dreaming about Far Away Places?

12 day in Amazing Indonesia: Komodo onboard the Boutique Liveaboard ARENUI: 21 Aug-1 Sept, 2014

Read Miss Scuba's Adventures onboard the Arenui

Arenui's motto "The Boutique Liveaboard". Attention has been given to every aspect of the Arenui to ensure that it fully embodies their philosophy of providing a unique dive holiday experience, giving you the best there is in terms of diving and leisure activities, without sacrificing any of the comforts and luxury you would expect to get from a top-notch hotel on land.

Click here to Read Details

Tech Diving

technical diving

Introduction to DIR Specialty Course

The purpose of this course is to introduce you to the holistic DIR "Doing it Right" philosophy of diving. The course focuses on the fundamental components of the the DIR approach, namely a simple, streamlined and efficient equipment configuration; proper pre-dive planning and preparation; proper buoyancy, balance and trim; efficient propulsion techniques; unified team diving strategies and situational awareness; proficiency in critical skill management and fun.

This course lays the foundation upon which you can build superior recreational or technical skills and enjoy the aquatic realm as a comfortable, confident and competent diver. Learn here about Technical Dive Training

Entertainment Industry

entertainment industry scuba diving

Motion Picture Scuba Diving

Ocean Adventures Dive Company, located in Venice, California, has been servicing the motion picture industry for many years, and is the leader for technical diving, under water lighting, video and photography in the Los Angeles area. Offering stunt, water safety diving, talent training, props, equipment sales and rentals with delivery option. To see our Credentials and List of Services we offer click here

Become a PADI Professional

become a padi dive professional

Become a PADI Pro!

Would you like to earn money from your hobby or just start a new carrier and forget about the 9 till 5 office job? These courses give you the opportunity to learn the necessary skills to be able to work with students, lead dives, get experience on boats and much more in a fun and exciting environment; maybe get a fulltime job somewhere in the tropics or during the weekends here, in California waters. Find out what does it take to become a Scuba Instructor! The IDC Staff of Ocean Adventure is proud to have a 100% success rate in the U.S. Every candidate we prepared for the Instructor Exam, not only have passed, but stood out from the crowd as the most prepared, most thoroughly trained.
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PADI eLearning PADI Instructor Course Online

Scuba Equipment

dive equipment

Retail & Rental Dive Gear

We are proud to bring some of the finest scuba gear brands from all over the world to our customers in Los Angeles, California. Our retail location features extensive lines of the must have items for every dive kit as well as plenty of extra tools and gadgets to help you get the most out of your time in the water.

We are an authorized dealer of most scuba dive gear manufacturers, each sharing our philosophy of offering quality products at an outstanding value. Browse the equipment selection we have for Rent and for Purchase

Online Scuba Programs

online scuba diving classes

Learn to Dive Online

Online Scuba Programs are not replacing the actual diving, just enhancing it by allowing students to move at their own pace. Study in the morning, at night, at work, in the park, fast or slow… the options are up to the user. Our instructors promote online learning because we notice a difference in students’ performance that is a direct result of the increased pool time (due to the reduced classroom time)...
See Available Online PADI courses here

Kids Pool Party

Birthday Pool Party at Your Home: we come to you

Birthday Pool Party at Your Home

Diving into a ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese is one way to be bold on a birthday, but if you’re looking for more excitement (and less germs), it’s time to make a splash.   In the vast sea of birthday parties, make your child's the coolest on the block. more info

Destination Weddings and Honeymoons

scuba destination weddings and honeymoons

Getting Married?

Why settle for "Beach Front" when you could be in the ocean? Sitting on the beach can be greatbut if your honeymoon destination is tropical, you can't pass up the opportunity to discover the world underwater! This is where HAPPILY EVER AFTER begins. more info